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Dens 103–110


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We offer you something new in Slovenia. The capsules have a standing height and a high quality bed that will make you feel like you are on a cloud.

The capsule is made of home-made Slovenian wood, and enables a comfortable stay for up to 2 adults. The beds are 140x200 cm, which will allow all guests to sleep comfortably, and you can rent the room just for yourself, which will certainly increase your comfort in the rooms, as the whole bed will be for you only.

The brand new rooms will enchant you with a pleasant and interesting ambience and smart technology (where in 2021 we even won the reward for the Global Smartest Building of the year, which we are especially proud of). Within this, guests have access to a control panel for managing the room on touch, which includes digital buttons to turn on, turn off the lights, reduce the light intensity, change the color of the lighting, which will wake you up in the morning with white light and fall asleep with the yellow lighting. There are also Bluetooth chargers for smartphones, USB ports for ordinary chargers, convenient storage space for personal items or books, a stand-alone night light, a separate locker for storing personal luggage, shoes, etc.

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