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Great solution in a great location. Are you a traveler who likes to save but still sleep well?

than our single capsules are perfect for you. A comfortable bed will make sure that you fully recharge your batteries over the night. Equipped with a wireless phone charger and access to electricity and smart technology, is a guarantee that next day you will be ready to continue your adventure. Your luggage will also be taken care of, as you will get your own locker, which only you can access.

Even if you are alone, the dragon will guard over you.

The brand new rooms will enchant you with a pleasant ambience and smart technology (where in 2021 we even received the reward for the Globally Smartest Building of the year, which we are especially proud of). Guests have access to a control panel for managing the room on touch, which includes Bluetooth chargers for smartphones, USB ports for ordinary chargers, a convenient storage space for personal items or books, a stand-alone night light and its own separate storage place, for personal luggage or shoes, which are in the main hallway, close to your room.

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